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October 28, 2007 – by Janet Souza


Judging Veterans is a very special honor.  Judging them at “The Veteran Specialty” is even more so. 

When I look at a wolfhound I am most interested in their shape and balance.  In my mind, my Best in Veteran Sweeps and Best of Opposite Sex had the best of both. 

Veterans have always had a very special place in my heart.  The older dogs are so restful to be around, so kind, so sweet.  Occasionally they give us a spark of how they once were, playing a bit or even running with a toy or another dog.  Most of the time, they are just lying around being our beloved companions. 

I thank you for letting me go over your dogs.  Every one of them was worthy.


Veteran Bronze, 6 Years & Under 8 Years Dogs 

First #101 – Rosslare’s Kindred Montralee – Littlewood & DiStefano – A handsome grey male with good leg under him and a lovely underline.  He had a powerful thigh which propelled him around the ring nicely.  Nice rose ears just finished him off along with his sweet, soft expression. 

Second #105 – Ch. Carrickaneena Templebreedy – Flanagan & Flanagan – A masculine grey dog with lots of depth and shape.  He too had a strong thigh and moved well.  Just a little less daylight under him than the first dog but still a quality senior. 

Third #113 – Ch. Ballincu Carrickaneena Cory, CGC – Kinsella & Myles – This is another impressive wheaten male with good depth, bone and size.  He moves well with a good attitude.  He will occasionally stand a touch rump high probably due to a slightly straighter stifle. 

Fourth #111 – Ch. Carrickaneena Dearg Mac Logan – English & Flanagan – A lovely grey dog with great depth of body and adequate movement.  Could use a bit more strength in his thighs for power.  Sweet expression.


Veteran Silver, 8 Years & Under 9 Years Dogs 

First #115 – Ch. Wildisle Lion Heart – Bregy -  An incredible wheaten dog just short of 9 years.  He has the most beautiful shape despite his age.  All his lines were flowing and correct.  His head was balanced with a folded ear and his neck ran smoothly into his shoulders.  There was a nice arch to his loin and his stifles were moderately bent.  He moved very well, easy and active.  He did not have a veteran’s body—it was the body of a fit four year old.  Congratulations to his breeder/owner/handler.  BEST VETERAN IN SWEEPSTAKES


Veteran Gold, 9 Years & Over Dogs 

First #119 – Carrickaneena’s Bro’ Tim – Flanigan – A handsome and masculine gray male just short of 9 ˝ years.  Wonderful depth of body, great topline and standing strong on his hindquarters—a senior veteran that should make his owner and breeder very proud.


Veteran Bronze, 6 Years & Under 8 Years Bitches

This was a class of 10 outstanding veteran bitches and very difficult to sort out.  Since there was so much overall quality, I was simply able to make my placements by what appealed to me the most. 

First #154 – Ch. Castlemaine Fade to Dark – Shaw – A beautiful dark grey who excelled in shape and movement.  She has that melting, soulful look in her face and exudes femininity in every way.  Her lines were flowing and her movement was sound and steady.  Although she was not the largest bitch in this class, her overall type was outstanding.  For me, she is everything a bitch should be.  Best of Opposite Sex Veteran

 Second #168 – Can. Am. Ch. Kellamore Starkeeper Majora – Gagne – A grey of enormous quality—she has excellent depth with a strong topline and active, easy movement.  This bitch would still be competitive in any best of breed competition despite her age.

 Third #174 – Ch. Carrickaneena Treise, SC – Flanagan – My thoughts on this lovely grey bitch are identical to the second place bitch.  In fact, it was a difficult decision between the two.  They both have so many of the same attributes—size, shape and good movement.  In the end it was the level of femininity that made my final decision and that is just a personal choice.  Both of these bitches are outstanding.

 Fourth #170 – Ch. Calorien Glenmadda Arabella – Prokopenko/Gagne – Another grey of tremendous quality.  She has bone, substance, good size and moves well.   She doesn’t have quite the belly draw of the other bitches which detracts ever so slightly from her overall shape.  She is still a most wonderful and deserving veteran bitch.


Veteran Silver, 8 Years & Under 9 Years Bitches 

First #162 – Maura O’Lass of Nutstown – Murphy – A beautiful dark bitch with a lovely head and nice deep body.  She has nice curves with gorgeous low set hocks.  She moved very well.  She has a touch of a soft back line on the move but that is often seen in dogs of her age.

Second #188 – Carrickaneena Sise – Flanigan & Flanagan – A lovely grey bitch with a nice head piece and good balance.  She did not have quite the curves of the first bitch but her greatest virtue was her balance of body length to her excellent length of leg.  This is an important part of our breed that we must strive to maintain.


Veteran Gold, 9 Years & Over, Bitches

First #192 – Can. Am. Ch. Kellcastle Starkeeper Vanilla JC, CGC, FCH – Gagne - A beautiful wheaten almost 9 ˝ years.  This bitch still has a commanding appearance with soft flowing lines that create a lovely picture.  She has excellent depth with good angles and carries herself in a proud manner.  I commend her owner on her conditioning and I commend the bitch on her outstanding quality and longevity.

Second #194 – Ch. Carrickaneena Ruithneach – Flanagan – This grey lady was my oldest entry at 10 but she had no intentions of letting me know her age!  She had a sweet expression with a lovely neck smoothly flowing into her shoulders.  She also had excellent length of body with a strong thigh and took herself around the ring with grace and dignity.  May she have many good years ahead of her. Congratulations to her breeder/owner for her obvious good breeding and good care--topped off with lots of love!

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