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October 28, 2007

Sweepstakes Judge’s Critique

By Jamie Souza Bartlett


Thank you very much for inviting me to judge the 2007 IWAGS Sweepstakes.  It was not only an honor but a great pleasure to come to a spectacular location and judge such a promising group of youngsters.  Coupled with the hospitality and care of the event staff, my family and I could not have asked for a better time.  Thank you! 

I was very impressed with the overall quality of the entry. In particular, I was pleased to see dogs with good air underneath them, clean houndy lines, nice coats and in good condition.  I was also happy to see many dogs with beautiful shoulder construction, nice length of back and good strength over the loin.  I did see several steep croups and a few shoulders that were set too far forward, which as breeders we all need to be attentive to.  Movement is also not to be ignored.  While nearly every hound that entered the ring was sound, we need to continue to focus on breeding easy active movers who have the ability to extend with effortless motion.       

On the day, here’s how I saw it:


6 to 9 Puppy Dog

1)     Wolfhaven Aint No Fool At O’Lugh Lovely black puppy with plenty of leg underneath him standing over a lot of ground.  Beautiful lines for a young male and well balanced, he also boasts a wonderful head and expression, nice rose ears and proper construction of neck into his shoulders.  While he had large hygromas on both elbows, you would never know it when you saw him move – effortless with fantastic reach and drive. 

2)     Wolfhaven Calorien Fou Noir Another nice black male with pretty curves, having a slightly more workman like construction than the first dog.  Good bone and substance, with many handsome features.  He did not move with the purpose that the first place dog did and had a bit of puppy “roll” on the day.

3)     Fleetwind Carroy Duan Amergin A handsome wheaten male that has a lot of leg to grown into.   He has a lovely long muzzle, nice ear and overall pleasing expression.  Fantastic coat.  Although not a yearling, he was already heading into his awkward stage.  With his well placed shoulders, nice rear angles and strong back, I suspect he will be handsome when all is said and done.

4)     Mise Eire An Fear Sarsfield A tall houndy brindle puppy who was feeling his oats in the cold weather.  Another puppy with nice pieces but lacking the substance of those placed before him.  He has a shape that will do him well in the future.      


9 to 12 Puppy Dog

1)     Aotearoa Lee Ridge Tote A very handsome upstanding dog with leg to spare.  With all of that height and being at an awkward age, he was still organized on his come and go and his side movement while not benefiting from weight to pull it to the ground was light and effortless.  Lovely long neck, beautiful typical lines with a beautiful top line and croup.  I will be interested to see this dog in 2 years, as he has the makings of lovely adult male.

2)     Gralyn Autumn Green Spot A pretty black male with a pleasing head and expression and nice angles.  Sound up and back with easy active movement.  Nice coat.  A touch of steepness to his croup but held up his rear angles well.     

3)     R Noble McEwan of Eagle A stylish brindle male with excellent bone and substance, plenty of length, lovely head who moved with power and purpose.  His front construction is straighter than I like to see, and he was pulling over his pasterns on the day.  This was adversely effecting his powerful movement causing him to reach up instead of out.

4)     Aotearoa Oldline Freehold Moa An extremely tall, leggy young boy.  Houndy, nice expression, light on his feet.  Could use more angles fore and aft but very typical for a tall young male at that stage of the growth cycle.      


12 to 15 Puppy Dog

1)     Kellykerry Emmit of Aerie Outstanding large brindle male.  Fantastic bone and substance, standing over plenty of ground.  While big and impressive, he still looked like a puppy (which he should).  Gorgeous head with beautiful planes, perfect ear.  Strong neck which blended into a lovely shoulder, well set back with return of upper arm.  Well drawn up belly, with an equally pleasing line over the loin.  Fantastic strong rear with angles to spare, nice low hocks.  Beautiful come and go with nice strong movement in the circle.  A young stallion of a hound – wow.

2)     Westmount Mo-By A moderately sized brindle male with nice pieces.  Moved with power.  I would like to see more strength through the middle of his back, as it tended to flatten a bit on the move.  His front and rear angles made up for any weakness through his back when in motion – moved with power.  Overall, a nice young dog with potential.

3)     Mandala’s Amergin of Shancarrick A very large wheaten male with tremendous bone and substance.  Nice coat, long sweeping tail, rose ear and well drawn up through the belly.  He could benefit from more length in his neck and loin.  He found himself in a very tough class on the day.       


15 to 18 Puppy Dog

1)     Skyes Thunder A powerful red wheaten male.  Beautiful long neck blending into a fantastic shoulder.  Long body with gorgeous rear curves to match the front.  Purposeful on the move with great reach and drive.  I would like to refine his back skull and give him a darker eye, but this does not trump his overall quality.

2)     Starkeeper McEnroe of Limerick Another handsome male who challenged the first place dog for the win.  Beautiful shoulder with nice rear angles.  Uses these to his benefit when in motion – easy active movement with great extension. Pleasing face, dark eyes, rose ears and a lovely coat.  Stood flat through his back on the day.  As he matures, I feel this dog will only get better.

3)     Skyes Tryskelle Lightning Handsome male with a lot of leg underneath him.  He was not holding the ground on the move, which I attribute to age and being at a leggy growth stage.  He too stood a bit flatter through his back, and as with the second place dog, I think he will continue to get better with age.


6 to 9 Puppy Bitch

1)     Wolfhaven Caper of Aerie Beautiful black bitch.  Gorgeous head and expression with wonderful angles.  Used herself well on the move with easy fluid strides.  Never lost her lines while standing or in motion.

2)     Carrickaneena Fioriomha Very nice brindle bitch with a lot of leg underneath her.  She had a beautiful hound shape that continually caught my eye.  She has a very strong stature and stands over herself in a powerful but feminine way.  On the day, she did not move with the fluidity of the first place bitch.

3)     Arahu Fools Rush In At Wolfhaven I loved this bitch, but she was naughty.  If she was on, she would have pushed for the win.  She is a beautiful dark brindle girl with a gorgeous expression and dark eye.  She has lovely hound lines, and she holds them on the move.  Her reach and drive were evident but hard to see through her playful go-arounds.  I look forward to seeing her in the future.

4)     Mise Eire Niamh Another pretty dark brindle bitch.  Lovely head, ear and coat.  Moved well.  As with the three bitches in front of her, she has beautiful, typical houndy lines.      


9 to 12 Puppy Bitch

1)     R Noble Maggie McNeill of Eagle A stylish strong light brindle bitch.  Nice head, thin rose ears, good length and strength of neck and back.  She has a powerful stature, standing over herself with confidence. 

2)     Curiann’s Indigo Rose Nice light brindle bitch.  Lovely underline, good coat and sweet expression.  She was an easy mover.  I would like a touch more length of and rise over her loin.

3)     Baileysong Aotearoa Kahlua A pleasing wheaten bitch of quality.  Sound with good extension on the go.  Very nice top line, no angles overdone.  Found herself in a class of bitches with style elements that pulled them ahead of her in the placements.


12 to 15 Puppy Bitch

1)     Kellykerry Peggy Sue of Aerie Beautiful big grey brindle bitch with fantastic bone and substance.  Wonderful head and expression with a gorgeous rose ear.  Perfect crisp coat.  Flawless lines, she was not only impressive in stature but lovely when your eyes to came to her.  She exuded this same power and elegance when in motion. 

2)     Ard Rhi’s Calida of Castlemaine Another very lovely type bitch of good quality.  At this age she does not have the bone and substance of the first place bitch, but all of the lines and curves are there.  Nice and light on her feet, as she matures the added body should allow her to hold the ground more effectively on the move.

3)     Lonnkyle Portia A nice wheaten bitch.  Fantastic temperament.  Wonderful coat and beautiful rose ear.  Dark pigment and eye. 

4)     Starkeeper Siobhan Another wheaten bitch of quality.  Nice length of muzzle, tight rose ears.  Coat a touch soft.   


15 to 18 Puppy Bitch

1)     Gordon of Aerie Beautifully shaped brindle bitch of good size.  Strong top line and underline, everything about her denoted power.  She carried this standing strength through to the move.

2)     Skyes Tess While very different from the first place bitch, she pushed her for the win.  A medium size wheaten bitch, this girl has lovely pieces.  Fantastic coat, wonderful dark pigmentation with a melting expression.  Feminine but strong, she had good extension on the side.  On this day, she was giving her handler a little grief on the move which in the end kept her from the first position.

3)     Garlow Ard Rhi Nessie of Eagle Typical houndy bitch.  Lovely head and expression.  Easy active mover.  Lacking in underline at this age, as her chest drops she will only get better.

4)     Skyes Marie Antionette Very strong brindle bitch with powerful side movement and good legs on the come and go.  At this age, she is losing her shape on the move, flattening her top line.  This kept her from placing higher in a quality class.         


Best in Sweeps

            12-15 Puppy Dog – Kellykerry Emmit of Aerie

Best of Opposite Sex Sweeps

            12-15 Puppy Bitch – Kellykerry Peggy Sue of Aerie


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