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Irish Wolfhound Association of the Garden State
Shepherd Lake Recreation Area
Ringwood State Park
Sunday and Monday, October 28 and 29, 2007

Conformation Judge - Mrs. Jean McDonald-Ulliott



Field Trial, Dogs.   (1 entered)

  1. DC CARRICKANEENA GARRYOWEN O'BK, SC. HP08226501. 10/19/2003. Breeder: Jeanine Pierson. By: Killykeen Dante - Miss Moose of Bumpkiss. Owner: Eileen M & Eileen B Flanagan.


Puppy, 6-9 Months Dogs.   (5 entered, 1 absent)

  1. WOLFHAVEN AINT NO FOOL AT O'LUGH. TG164598 CAN. 04/01/2007. Breeder: Donita Osborne. By: Am. Can. Ch. Curiann R Q Home To Wolfhaven - Wolfhvn Dont Go Breakn My Heart. Owner: Andrea & Michael Dormady & Donita Osborne.

  2. MISE EIRE AN FEAR SARSFIELD. HP25459902. 03/01/0207. Breeder: John & Maureen English & Eileen M & Eileen B Flanagan. By: Ch. Carrickaneena Slieve Gullion - Ch. Carrickaneena Slan Abhaile. Owner: John & Maureen English.

  3. WOLFHAVEN CALORIEN FOU NOIR. TG164589 CAN. 04/01/2007. Breeder: Donita Osbourne. By: Ch. Curiann R Q Home To Wolfhaven - Wolfhaven Don't Go Breakin My Heart. Owner: Judith Callender.

  4. FLEETWIND CARROY DUAN AMERGIN. HP25113703. 02/24/2007. Breeder: Lois Thomasson & Lynne Rosebrock. By: Ch. Skyes Comet - Fleetwind Carroy Sable. Owner: Carolyn J Purvis.


Puppy, 9-12 Months Dogs.   (5 entered)

  1. R NOBLE MCEWAN OF EAGLE. HP24981201. 11/17/2006. Breeder: Joe & Kathy Roland & Sam Houston McDonald. By: Ch. Malachi Of Castlemaine - Brandywhine Mida Of Eagle. Owner: Joe & Kathy Roland & Sam Houston McDonald.

  2. AOTEAROA LEE RIDGE TOTE. HP23932602. 11/27/2006. Breeder: Josie Lee. By: Can. Ch. Aotearoa Manuka 2nd - Aotearoa Suro Mangu Keely. Owner: Barbara N Daley.

  3. GRALYN AUTUMN GREEN SPOT. HP25131301. 01/17/2007. Breeder: Linda & John Tucker. By: Ch. Ballygran's Aonghus Alef - Ch. Glendalough Medarlin Shaydalein. Owner: Marypat & Cecil Corbett.

  4. BAILEYSONG AOTEAROA TIAK. SY130336 CAN. 12/03/2006. Breeder: Theresa Duff. By: Can. Ch. Aotearoa Kia Ora - Can. Ch. BaileySong Dymans R Forever. Owner: Cheryl MacKinnon. Agent: Sarah Duff.


12-18 Months Dogs.  (6 entered, 1 absent)

  1. KELLYKERRY EMMIT OF AERIE. HP23867508. 10/15/2006. Breeder: Glenn H Myer. By: Ch. Pitlochry's Quintus - Ch. Kellykerry Reanna Of Eagle. Owner: Glenn H Myer.

  2. SKYES THUNDER. HP22962901. 07/05/2006. Breeder: Michael Genovese DDS. By: Ch. Skyes Comet - Skyes Stoneybrook Rue. Owner: Michael Genovese DDS.

  3. WESTMOUNT MO-BY. HP25851801. 08/13/2006. Breeder: Jan & Eva Soderqvist. By: Conchobar Fauno - Westmount Eb-ba. Owner: Judy Simon. Agent: Jill K Maloney.

  4. STARKEEPER MCENROE OF LIMERICK. HP21729112. 06/22/2006. Breeder: Linda Souza & Jamie Souza Bartlett. By: Ch. Taryn Tate Of Limerick - Ch. Halle Of Limerick. Owner: Jocelyne Gagne.


Novice Dogs.   (7 entered, 1 absent)

  1. AOTEAROA TIHI ARU. HP21665001. 02/20/2006. Breeder: Barbara N Daley. By: Can. Ch. Aotearoa Kia Ora - Can. Ch. Aotearoa Te Ngarara Huarau. Owner: Barbara N Daley & Kyreen Shorey.

  2. CRIONNACHT CARRICKANEENA WYSE. HP22223002. 02/22/2006. Breeder: Dr. Caren M. Carney & Eileen M. Flanagan. By: Ch. Carrickaneena's Dichu, SC - Carrickaneena Uisce Beatha. Owner: Dr. Caren M. Carney.

  3. KINDRED CORMAC O'BELTANE. HP20243502. 04/03/2006. Breeder: Donna DiStefano. By: Rosslare's Coleraine Fenian K - Sherwood's Kindred Atreya. Owner: Diane Camel & Ken Neff.

  4. ROSSLARE'S MYTHIC GALEN JUSTICE. HP18922204. 10/20/2005. Breeder: Glynis Littlewood. By: Ch. Rosslare's Pure Justice - Rosslare's Maeve. Owner: Anne Linden & Glynis Littlewood & Donna DiStefano.


Bred By Exhibitor Dogs.   (6 entered, 3 absent)

  1. CARRICKANEENA SLIEVE CAHER. HP16684004. 06/04/2005. Breeder: Eileen M & Eileen B Flanagan. By: Mochras Ipse Facto - Ch. Carrickaneena Treise, SC. Owner: Bonnie Nelson & Mary Ann Russell & Eileen M & Eileen B Flanagan.

  2. TALISKER WHITE CHRISTMAS. HP13798103. 12/16/2004. Breeder: Catherine Heintz. By: Ch. Culcara Skyhawk McClure - Ch. Talisker Rockets Red Glare. Owner: Catherine Heintz.

  3. CAN. CH. AOTEAROA MANUKA 2ND. HN00617001. 03/04/2002. Breeder: Barbara N Daley. By: Can. Ch. Aotearoa Mangu Mumu - Can. Ch. Aotearoa Hihi Kata. Owner: Barbara N Daley.

American Bred Dogs.
   (7 entered, 2 absent)

  1. TALIESIN'S WIZARD OF WIDEVIEW. HP20131303. 02/22/2006. Breeder: Donna & David Smith. By: Ch. Taliesin's Llenlleawg - Wolf Tone Bonne Louise. Owner: Dave & Margie Milne & Donna Smith.

  2. SKYES TRYSKELLE LIGHTNING. HP22962903. 07/05/2006. Breeder: Michael Genovese DDS. By: Ch. Skyes Comet - Skyes Stoneybrook Rue. Owner: Jill Maloney & Judy Simon & Bambi Rabe.

  3. KELLAMORE BRAEMAR OF FITZWICK. HP19367507. 12/01/2005. Breeder: Joanne Buehner Brown. By: Ch. Karontara Starkeeper Dylan - Ch. Kellamore C'est La Vie, CD, AX, AXJ. Owner: John E Fitzgerald.

  4. SKYWALKER'S A'PATRIOT GAME. HP10042407. 03/17/2004. Breeder: Cie Harris. By: Skywalkers Aniken Karisma - Skywalker's ArtooDetoo Teagh. Owner: Melissa Anderson & Cie Harris.


Open Dogs.   (12 entered, 5 absent)

  1. BER-D-MAR'S CLASSIC CRUISER. HP17688006. 05/23/2005. Breeder: Wanda & Richard Roland. By: Salutary Rose Moss of Eagle - Ch. Brandywhine Chantill of Eagle. Owner: Wanda & Richard Roland.

  2. CAN. CH. AOTEAROA KIA ORA. HP12621801. 02/26/2004. Breeder: Barbara N Daley. By: Aotearoa The Rising Of Tokelry - Can. Ch. Aotearoa Hihi Kata. Owner: Kyreen Shorey.

  3. ROSSLARE'S DUBHGHAILL O'BELTANE. HP17708402. 08/14/2005. Breeder: Glynis Littlewood. By: Rosslare's Kindred Montralee - Rosslare's Autumn Maiz. Owner: Diane Camel & Ken Neff.

  4. WILDISLE CASTLEKEEPER TARALEA WIZ. HP21122104. 02/27/2006. Breeder: Alice Kneavel. By: Ch. Wildisle Lion Heart - Ch. Castlekeeper Johanna. Owner: Jill Bregy & Susan Bleakley.






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