Judge's Critique -


October 28, 2007

by Jean McDonald Ulliott

Firstly I must thank IWAGS for inviting me to judge this prestigious show. The show was so well put together, a magnificent venue, we were blessed with fine sunny weather, although a little cold, it was perfect for the dogs.

I enjoyed sorting out a wonderful entry, having never judged in your country I was therefore assessing your hounds for the first time. It seemed unusual for our breed, but for me the males outshone the females, type was more stable in the dogs than the bitches.

The level of hounds' cleanliness was creditable and there were some lovely exhibits here.

Your temperaments were excellent, a credit to you all.

Not knowing any of your kennels it was interesting for me to see when looking in the catalogue who had consistent placings in strong classes, maybe that was my version of the standard.

Some striking exhibits were out of condition and soft in muscle -tone, so I had to downgrade because of this. Bad bites, again in some lovely specimens had to pay the price.

Finally, congratulations on your wonderful veterans, a credit to breeders and owners, they truly bring tears to our eyes, so special.

Best of Breed" Kellykerry Emmit of Aerie" Glenn. H. Myer (Winners Dog, Best of Winners)

Wow, what can I say about this beautiful young male, just out of puppy, and a star in the making. So handsome, commanding appearance, of good size, superb bone and substance, wonderful curves, great depth of brisket for age, correct shoulder and upper arm lovely topline, good length, strong rear quarters, lovely hind angulation, good feet. Loved his head, nice eye beautiful ears, held correctly on the move, strong neck, correct bite and on top of all that I loved his movement, he drove from behind, and had great extension in front, presenting flowing lines. He was handled superbly, at one with his owner, looked as though he could have kept going all day. I want him to fill in front and at the moment a touch close behind, but he is still a baby and all this hopefully will come with age. He was my best overall day one and although I gave his Sire top honours, he was still overall the exhibit of the show for me Superb. wish he was mine. I will follow his career with interest.

Best of Opposite Sex "Garlow Neesha of Eagle" Sam Houston McDonald (Winners Bitch)

15 month old Wheaton, and wow could she move. A lovely free mover. In top condition and it showed, very shapely, beautiful head and pigment, lovely expression, correct rose ears, clean neck set into good shoulder and upper arm.  Substantial body of nice proportions, sweeping strong hindquarters used correctly on the move, a hound of lovely type, her movement gave her the top honours, showing her socks off for her handler.

Awards of Merit I had no hesitation in awarding my 3 awards of merit, all 3 were dogs of high quality.

"Ch Pitlochry's Quintus" Marx and Benjamin.  Another excellent type, with such commanding appearance, beautifully balanced, good reach of neck, handsome head, good topline and underline, lovely depth of chest, he is well angulated front and rear. He is a huge boy without coarseness, great bone and substance, and width throughout. A really impressive hound, hard to fault. A sound easy mover with good reach of stride. See he is the sire of my best male, he has certainly passed all his attributes to his son. Another great dog.

Ch Dun Myrica Speaker of Eagle" Houston McDonald and Roland.  Upstanding and imposing stallion hound of great quality has all the attributes required in the standard. Lovely head of correct proportions, strong neck, well developed ribcage, correct shoulder, good balance of length to height. Superb bone and substance. Good depth and width all through, lots of dog under your hands. Moved with long easy strides excels in type.

"Ch Wildisle Castlekeeper Quest" Kneavel and Bregy.  I loved this boy, he is a smart dog who fills the eye, has quality stamped all over him, he lost out for the top spot as his handler was having problems moving him, she had her knees strapped, so could not move this boy to his full advantage. Noble head, the sweetest of expressions, so kind and gentle, great neck into good front, lovely depth , strong topline and correct underline. Bone and substance without coarseness, beautifully sound throughout. Curvy well muscled hindquarters with good width to thigh. A great beautifully balanced male.

Best Veteran "Ch Kellamore Starkeeper Majora" J Gagne.

How do we pick a best veteran with so many old ladies and gentleman exhibits with their proud owners. As you can guess this is not easy. But this old lady at just gone 7 years did all her handler asked, she stood 4 square, moved a treat, looked into your eyes and you melted, believe me! She was in good condition had still got a great shape. I was delighted to give her this award. I must add others ran her close.

Best Puppy "R Noble McEwen of Eagle" Roland and Houston McDonald.

Very promising well grown young man, typical head, great pigment, strong neck set into a good front combined with shapely quarters, good bone, correct topline and underline. He is wearing a great jacket. He stands on good feet and moves so well for his age. Great temperament. I liked him a lot, hope he has a great future

Puppy 6-9 Months Dogs

1. Wolfhaven Aint No Fool at O'Lugh. Beautifully balanced at only 6 months old and a good mover too, he took everything in his stride. His immaturity did not distract from his qualities and conformation. Correct length of body, good leg length, strong muscular neck, well laid shoulder and excellent return of upper arm. Adequate bone, shapely quarters with strength through the hocks. The most melting expression. I liked him a lot.

2. Mise Eire An Fear Sarsfield.  Red Brindle, less together than first, much rangier in type, he has great bone, correct head with the most lovely, kind expression. He is sound, has good padded feet, correct shoulder angulations, he shows strength behind. He needs time.

3. Wolfhaven Calorien Fou Noir.  A young male with a lot going for him, when he settled down he was a lovely boy. He has a typical head with that wonderful soft expression, a dark kind eye. A touch straight in front right now, but hopefully all will come together. I would like more leg length for balance, he has a good topline and underline, again he needs time.

4. Fleetwind Carroy Duan Amergin. I think this boy would have preferred to be a home !! A touch anxious and needed to settle. He is an attractive tall boy with a handsome head, correct expression, lovely length to a good arched neck. He stood over the ground well.  He is in great coat. A touch upright in shoulder, but so much to like about him, he has great bone. Once he gets the hang of showing I reckon he will be up there with the best of them.

PUPPY 9-12 Months Dogs

1. R Noble McEwan of Eagle (Best Puppy).  At the top end of puppy in age and looked more mature than the rest of the class. A very attractive male full of promise, he stood foursquare whenever I glanced over at him. Well proportioned head, good pigment, strong neck, excellent shoulder and upper arm, nicely angulated hindquarters, good ribbing. Completely balanced with adequate bone. Good extension in profile covering a lot of ground. In great jacket. Should have a great future.

2. Aotearoa Lee Ridge Tote.  Tall boy, in good condition standing well up on great limbs, correctly balanced length of body, to wonderful leg length. Masculine head, soft gentle expression, good bite, strong underjaw, great pigment, a lovely arched neck set into correct shoulder and return of upper arm, super forehand. Not as positive on the move as first, but still ran 1st close. Another with a bright future.

3. Gralyn Autumn Green Spot.  Another nice specimen, to be critical would like more leg length. Most handsome of heads, dark eye, melting wolfhound expression. Well angulated front and shapely quarters. Has sufficient bone. Sound action but lacked enthusiasm.

4. Baileysong Aotearoa Tiak. On entering the ring I thought this boy would have been in the first three, he is very masculine with a most handsome head, wonderful bone and substance, good forechest and depth of brisket for his age, he had a straight front, o.k. shoulder, correct topline and underline, shapely quarters. would like more muscle, a bit sluggish on the move. He looked very much a baby, such a pity he had a mouth fault.

12-18 Months Dogs

1. Kellykerry Emmit of Aerie (Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Breed)

2. Sykes Thunder.  A smart eye catching cream, different type to first with lots going for him. Touch plain in head and skull too broad, with slightly flat ears, but he has a correct bite and good pigment, he lacks the furnishings of some.. I liked his front assembly, he stands 4 square on good legs, plenty of bone, correct topline, shapely quarters, could do with a touch more length to hindquarters, had a good second thigh. Strong well muscled body , sound and energetic on the move.

3. Westmount Mo-By Built on smaller lines, and very much the baby in this class, but he had a well proportioned head, o.k. front, he needs to grow on. Movement easy and active.

4. Starkeeper McEnroe of Limerick.  Attractive male showing power and strength, he has great bone, stands on strong feet has a correct crested neck lovely topline and quarters. Loved his temperament, not as active in movement as I would have hoped, well presented and handled.

Novice Dogs

1. Aotearoa Tihi Aru. Tall imposing male built on strong lines, he was in good from wearing a lovely crisp jacket. Typical head, decent front but would like more depth and forechest, he lacked muscle tone and would benefit with more weight. He had a shapely underline with correct hind angulations. Moved well.

2. Crionnacht Carrickaneena Wyse. Well balanced, well presented male, he has a great shape, has grand bone a strong neck set into o.k. front, touch coarse in head, a little straight behind, but on the move showed power and strength.

3. Kindred Cormac O' Beltane. Smaller cobby type, shorter ribbed, but a lovely shape. His head was o.k. but he lacked underjaw. He stands on good feet. Movement was o.k.

4. Rosslare’s Mythic Galen Justice. Again a smaller type, similar to 3rd in size and shape, he has adequate bone, a decent front and movement was o.k.

Bred by Exhibitor

1. Carrickaneena Slieve Caher. Just gone 2 years and in his prime, so well developed strong and beautifully balanced, he shows great power and strength, steady positive movement, looks as though he could go all day. Super strong neck set into a good front, a dog with style.

2. Talisker White Christmas.  A different type to first built on smaller lines but nevertheless a nice boy. A typical head but eyes a bit small. I would like more width throughout and his coat was not at its best. He has a correct front and lovely sweeping quarters wonderful over the croup. Movement was sound and steady

3. Can. Ch. Aotearoa Manuka 2nd. A large impressive male, great leg length, he has a great head and wonderful ears, good pigment, strong neck, correct topline and underline. However so disappointed with his front movement, he was hackneying and behind he lacked drive, such a pity as I liked his type a lot.

American Bred Dogs

1. Taliesin's Wizard of Wideview. Lovely headed male with much to admire, ideal size, sweet expression dark eye and lovely rose ear. He is soundly constructed a lovely shape wearing a good coat. I would like more forechest and depth, but adequate neck, set into a good shoulder, lovely angulations, he moved out freely covering plenty of ground.

2. Sykes Tryskelle Lightning. At only 15 month this boy was in top condition wearing a wonderful crisp jacket. He stands on good feet with adequate bone, touch straight in shoulder, short in upper arm and needs to develop his front. Would like more hind angulations. Moved o.k.

3. Kellamore Braemar of Fitzwick. Built on smaller lines, has a great shape, tidy topline, strong feet. He has a good head with correct expression, ears a bit flat, great forechest and depth, would like more leg length for balance. An easy sound free mover.

4. Skywalker's A’ Patriot Game. Pleasing male, tall elegant and houndy, has super bone, his coat is blown at the moment so does not look at his best. Strong neck, correct front assembly, and underline, wonderful strong hocks, croup a bit steep. He let himself down badly in movement, uncoordinated behind.

Open Dogs

1. Ber-D-Mars Classic Cruiser (Reserve Winners Dog).  Very typical hound with a most handsome head, good eye and pigment, good bite, ears a touch flat but he held them correctly on the move. Correct length of neck set into a well angulated front, good depth to chest and brisket. Grand bone. Lovely topline and underline, well angulated behind with a great croup and good second thigh. Correct tail set. He stands on good strong feet, moving soundly with reach and drive. To be critical a touch short coupled. That said he is a lovely honest male handled and shown to advantage.

2 Can. Ch. Aotearoa Kia Ora.  Very houndy stallion hound, loved his strong bone, superb feet and good legs. He was in good condition and in great coat. Typical neck and a great shoulder, but he lacks depth and forechest. Strong quarters showing strength through his hocks. Liked his topline and rise over the loin. His overall balance was spot on , an active hound covering much ground.

3. Rosslare's Dubhghaill O' Beltane.  Built on smaller lines, has a typical head but flat ears. He needs more width throughout. His movement was positive and sound.

4. Wildisle Castlekeeper Taralea Wiz.  Appeals for type, has a quality head, great expression, lovely crested neck, great depth and well boned legs. Good shapely quarters, lovely rise over the loin. Moves o.k.

Puppy 6-9 Months Bitches   A delightful class of lovely bitches.

1. Wolfhaven Caper of Aerie.  9 month old beautifully balanced baby of great shape, very curvy, has a correct shoulder and return of upper arm. Pretty head with the sweetest of expressions, wonderful dark eye and small rose ears held well on the move. She has superb angulated hindquarters, a good topline and underline and on top of that a sound free active mover. My only doubt at this moment is will she come up to size? I do hope so, she is a lovely girl.

2. Carrickaneena Fioriomha. Another quality puppy of good type, a close decision between her and first. She is more houndy than first, and I particularly liked her good length of leg. She has a lovely head, with a kind eye and gentle expression. Not quite the lay of shoulder of first, but has a great strong neck, correct topline and underline. Stands four square covering a lot of ground on good well padded feet. A steady mover handled symphatically by her owner, and did all she was asked. A good prospect.

3. Carrickaneena Abbeylara.  Litter sister to second and similar notes apply. Another good type, with a super head, strong neck and she has great bone and substance, again well up for size, standing on good feet. Just not as settled on the move as her sister.

4. Gladstone’s Diamond in the Rough.  Another good prospect. This youngster although in her underclothes, showed off her lovely shape, and what an unusual colour!! So striking. She stands on great feet, four square, a substantial bitch of correct length to leg, so well balanced. Nicely laid shoulder and upper arm with the correct proportioned head. Good breath to forechest and amazing depth of brisket for her age. She has a lovely topline with a wonderful long tail, this coupled with sound free movement presented a lovely picture. A youngster with a great future.

Puppy 9-12 Months Bitches   I must say all these 3 babies were a credit to their owner/ breeders and will change places on other days.

1. R Noble Maggie McNeill of Eagle.  Lovely youngster so well put together, nice head and sweet expression, she is so well balanced has a good forearm, correct length of leg, strong neck set into a good shoulder. She has adequate bone, good ribbing and strong through the loin nice width to body. Excellent, effortless movement with good front extension and drive from behind using her strong hocks. Excellent presentation, handled beautifully. Very promising.

2. Curiann’s Indigo Rose. Another interesting youngster of good type. She has no exaggerations and is so balanced. A good head set into strong neck with a well constructed front and shoulder. Wearing a great jacket in good condition, moved and showed well.

3. Baileysong Aotearoa Kahlua.  Another eye-catching youngster in great form. Beautiful head and melting expression, lovely dark eye, well constructed in all departments, moving out very well.

12-18 Months Bitches

1. Garlow Neesha of Eagle (Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex)

2. Gordon of Aerie (Reserve Winners Bitch).  Another smart striking youngster, just had her first birthday, and what a cracker she was!!  She is a wonderful type, mature and developed for her age, with a lovely head, touch light in eye which spoils a typical melting true wolfhound expression. Stood and behaved beautifully, moved really well. She had a strong neck set into correct shoulders, she is a great shape, well ribbed, combined with correct spring of rib. Lovely quarters, well muscled. In beautiful condition. She looked the part and should have a great future.

3. Skyes Tess. 15 month old cream, o.k. head, but a touch heavy in skull and would prefer a bit more length to muzzle, she lacked the furnishings of some, but had a kind expression. A happy girl with substance and style, she has good ribbing a lovely broad chest, good forehand, a strong well set neck. She is in good condition , well muscled which showed in her free active movement, having a good second thigh and strong hocks. Well presented and handled.

4. Kellykerry Peggy Sue of Aerie.  I thought on entering the ring this would be my class winner, litter sister to my best male. I loved her, she was of beautiful type, had commanding appearance, she is stylish, has a pleasing topline, and shapely underline, very houndy with a well placed shoulder and long upper arm. Lovely strong arched neck, has super sweeping shoulders, is a good shape behind finish off with a good croup. Free and true on the move, but sadly, so disappointing, a mouth fault cost her a higher placing.

Novice Bitch

1. Lonnkyle Phoenix at Curiann. This girl caught my eye on entering the ring, very pleasing outline, a substantial bitch with a strong well muscled body, she has a lovely head with superb ear carriage although lacks the furnishings of some, but makes up with the rest. Good depth and spring of rib, balanced body all through, well ribbed back and super topline, shapely underline. Wonderful free active movement. Well presented and beautifully handled a great prospect.

2. Sidhe's Wolfchase Reba. Liked a lot about this female, my notes say a great prospect but a touch soft in condition just now, and I would like a stronger topline, however she is of good type, with a correct head and superb expression, lovely ear carriage, good breadth of body, strong in movement, great long strides with an impressive side gait.

3. Carrickaneena Coimealai.  Houndy bitch with a most typical head, neat rose ears, but slightly light in eye which spoils. Good depth of body and spring of rib, she has good length and ribbing, strong loin. Great feet, wonderful curvy quarters. Powerful movement, really drives off her strong hocks. Well handled and presented.

4. Aotearoa Aroha Noa. Elegant cream built on a larger frame than most. A lot to like about this young lady. Very houndy big strong girl, correct topline and underline, great length to legs, good ribbing, but lacks forechest, hope that comes as she is still only a youngster. She moved with long easy strides, holding her wonderful ears to perfection. She just needs time to gain the high honours. An interesting specimen.

Bred by Exhibitor Bitches

1. Wildisle Spicemate Keeper Jill.  I loved this bitch, my notes say "What a Cracker". She has such ring presence, built on classic lines. Lovely head, wonderful ears, held on the move, superb expression, excellent pigment. Pleasing topline, a well set tail. She has a lovely outline, good reach of neck set into a good shoulder with lovely return of upper arm. Grand bone, good deep chest, ribs well back, great width to stifle, well angulated, but not overdone. In great form wearing good jacket. I considered her strongly for the top spot. A beautiful bitch.

2. Guffaw of Aerie. Another superb bitch, wish I could have given more first placings in this class. Very shapely, beautifully balanced female, well proportioned head, good neck, has great front assemble, combined with bone and substance. Correct topline, strong body, good ribbing, correct croup, she has good strong quarters and lovely hocks. In good condition with a fabulous coat. Lovely easy active mover. I reckon she could have gone on all day. A great girl.

3. Castlemaine Jemimah. Yet another nice type. I loved her head, she had the most wonderful gentle wolfhound expression. She has great bone, a strong arched neck, correct front, plenty of muscle and breadth throughout. Correct strong topline and rise over loin, loved her croup and shapely quarters combined with good strong hocks. Free active profile movement. She does need to settle, as throughout she was a touch restless. Made her owner work hard for her placing. A lovely girl

4. Carrickaneena Slievenamon. A very elegant young lady, ultra feminine with a exquisite head, and beautiful kind expression. She has a lovely arched neck, good bone and length of leg, lovely forearm, with good depth and spring of rib, has well muscled curvy quarters, and lovely low hocks. Active, free easy mover giving her all, and wanting to please.

American Bred Bitches

1. Carrickaneena Crionnacht Darcy. A typical workmanlike bitch of good proportions, she looked as though she could do the job she was bred for!! Her movement was superb, long easy strides, driving from strong hocks, she was a joy to watch moving at one with her handler. She is houndy and elegant and balanced throughout,. Loved her head, kind eye, typical expression screamed Wolfhound, long crested neck, well laid shoulder, good front. In tip top condition, beautifully presented and handled.

2. Gabriels Starkeeper Jayde, JC. I loved her type, she has such ring presence, pushed first hard, but first place pipped her on movement. Two very good bitches. This girl has great bone, a super head, wonderful expression, strong arched neck set into a good front assembly, well ribbed back stands on good well padded feet, and has plenty of angulation behind. She has a lovely outline and looked the part, moved with ease, another in great condition.

3. Limerick Hannah Sylverwolf. Beautifully constructed female with a gorgeous head, superb expression. Excellent front, good depth of brisket with a well angulated forehand. Ribs carried well back, strong topline, good rear backend, low hocks. Moved well in fine condition, wearing the crispest of coats.

4. Ber-D-Mars Irish Rosie Moss. On entering the ring I thought she would have been my class winner, but her front paddling movement spoiled an otherwise excellent specimen. She has great bone, is a lovely shape very curvy, has a lovely crested neck, decent shoulder placement.  I would like more depth and breadth to forechest. Pleasing topline, strong backend with a lovely long tail. Tremendous ring presence.

Open Bitches

1. Ber-D-Mar Little Light of Mine. Superb type, commanding appearance, ultra feminine, completely balanced. She has a beautiful head, gentle expression, and a strong crested neck. Well angulated front and rear, correct lay of shoulder, and return of upper arm, good feet, strong topline, correct underline, shapely strong quarters, sweeping stifle. However she did not give her all when it came to moving, just did enough for her excellent handler. I was told later she is recovering from an illness, so maybe not quite on top form just yet, but I forgave her movement as I preferred her overall type.

2 Pitlochry’s Jasmin. A classy bitch in great coat and condition, although she would benefit with less weight. She has a classic head and expression, strong neck set into adequate shoulder, I would like more forechest and length to leg for balance. A nice overall shape, movement o.k. but a touch close behind.

3. Jadzia Freesoul of Castlekeep. A overall rangier type built on a smaller frame, would like more development to head and a darker eye. Good leg length but narrow in front, topline could be better, she is Bum high. I would like more width throughout. Movement o.k.

4. Carrickaneena Slieve Bearnagh.  Shapely female, with good bone on strong feet and pasterns. Pleasing topline and underline, but would prefer more width and strength through hocks and thighs.. Strong front, well set on neck. Sound enough bitch moved reasonably well.

Field Trial Dogs

1. DC Carrickaneena Garryowen, SC

Field Trial Bitches

1. Laislinn Starkeeper Rayne, JC, FCH.  Lovely grey brindle. Loved her head, kind eye and expression, would like smaller ears, she has great pigment and. Good bone. Ultra feminine female with a correct topline, touch short in ribs and fine through the loin, wonderful topline and shapely underline. What a super girl who was in top condition could work all day. Well handled and presented.

2. DC Carrickaneena Slan Leat, SC, FCH.  Another good specimen, a close decision for first place, just preferred the more feminine head and expression of first, plus first was a wee bit curvier all through. However this girl was in tip top condition, had wonderful bone, great ears, and did all she was asked. Well presented.

Veteran Bronze, 6 Years & Under 8 Years Dogs  A beautiful class to judge

1. CH Ballincu Carrickaneena Cory, CGC.  A very handsome 7 year old who moved out really well, sound from all angles. He is a good size with strong bone has great depth, strong front, well angulated hindquarters, a lovely boy, to nit pick I would like a stronger topline.

2. Rosslare’s Kindred Montralee.  Another 7 year in great form with a most handsome head and kind expression, great ears, lovely dark pigment. He has a well arched neck set into a good layback of shoulder, good return of upper arm. He is a good size lovely type and so balanced, correct topline, good depth and underline, wearing a correct crisp coat. Moved out well, very sound, pushed first place very hard, but I preferred the longer stride coupled with strong hind action of first. A credit to his owner, in lovely condition.

3. CH R Noble Aron.  Lovely type, impressive male, strong with a masculine head, long neck with a good front assembly, great forearm, shoulder and depth. Well ribbed back, strong loin, correct topline and underline. Moved well in profile. Another lovely boy.

4. CH Carrickaneena Templebreedy. Handsome 6 year old, thoroughly enjoying his day. Strong male with a good overall shape, lovely bone, correct length of body, well ribbed , with a strong loin. He has strength in his quarters but didn't drive off them on the move, or sadly extend in front as I thought he would. But a credit to his owner, a lovely boy.

Veteran Silver, 8 Years & Under 9 Years Dogs

1.CH Wildisle Lion Heart.  Of great size and commanding appearance, a lovely boy of good type. Grand bone, a most handsome head, kind soft expression, good pigment. Strong neck set into a good front. Lovely length to legs, such a balanced male. Sound mover viewed from all angles. A credit to his owner.

Veteran Gold, 9 Years & Over Dogs

1. CH Ironweed Deataig.  What a grand old boy he is, still showing strength and determination, out there to please his owner. Typical handsome head, he stands on good feet, to be critical he needs more length to leg for complete balance. Moved out well for his age.

2. Carrickaneena's Bro' Tim.  Wish I could have given 2 firsts here, hard to split these two boys. Again, what a lovely boy, credit to his owner, sympathetically handled, he is in good condition, wearing a great jacket. A handsome boy with such a sweet expression, and he still has his lovely shape.

Veteran Bronze, 6 Years & Under 8 Years Bitches  A wonderful class of some quality bitches

1. CH Kellamore Starkeeper Majora (Best Veteran)

2. CH Carrickaneena Treise,SC. This kennel consistently breeds and shows good honest dogs, no exception in this 6 year old lady in superb condition. Strong positive movement, very sound both coming and going. Typical head, I would have liked a darker eye, she is well angulated from all angles, and has a lovely topline and correct underline. Well balanced throughout. Her body is well ribbed back with a strong loin and she has a good depth of brisket. Once again handled to perfection.

3. CH Ballincu Kellair Ashleigh.  My notes underlined say wonderful flowing movement. How I wish I could see this class again you all must feel (and rightly so) so proud of these lovely quality veterans. Another well balanced quality girl with curves throughout, she is a good make and shape. I would like more depth and strength through her front, She is a sound girl showing free, flowing easy active movement. A great girl.

4. CH Calorien Glenamadda Arabella.  Wonderful ring presence, she took my eye on entering the ring, she is totally balanced with a exquisite wolfhound head, arched neck set into o.k. shoulder, she has great bone and shows power and strength throughout without losing any of her femininity, powerful well angulated quarters. Loved her make and shape. Beautifully presented.

Veteran Silver, 8 Years & Under 9 Years Bitches

1. CH Faileen of Nutstown. 8 year old very attractive lady in wonderful condition, she was beautifully presented, lovely to get your hands on, and her movement won her this class. She has a typical wolfhound head, so pretty, kind melting expression, although a mouth fault which I forgave (even we have these crosses to bear as we get older). I would like to see more spring of rib, but she has a good topline for her age, shapely quarters. She shows elegance, strength and power all through. Wonderful for her age.

2. Maura o' Lass of Nutstown. Very balanced and typey female, has not lost her figure and lovely curves. She is of good proportions, has a typical head lovely melting kind expression, good bite, wearing a good jacket. Moment lacked the activeness of first. A great old lady.

3. Carrickaneena Sise.  Another sweetie with lots to like about her, she is balanced has a gorgeous head, kind expression, good pigment, and she is so feminine. Topline still good with curvy strong quarters. She is not overdone in any way, her movement was positive, although she lacked drive, but she is everything a veteran should be, and was there to please her owner.

4. CH Golden Lass Of Nutstown.  A lovely cream wearing a wonderful crisp coat, in super condition. SHE IS A STRONG SHAPELY BITCH WHO would have had a higher placing, but she did not have the great head unlike the first three (By now I am sure you realize I love a good head, so important to me) Another great girl a credit to her owner.

Veteran Gold, 9 Years & Over Bitches  What superb temperament these two girls had, they were wonderful

1. Can Am CH Kellcastle Starkeeper Vanilla, CGC, JC, FCH.  At over 9 years she was a great girl, a lovely Wheaton in good form, thoroughly enjoying her day out. Typical head and expression, lovely dark eye, rose ears, great pigment. She is well constructed, a substantial girl of good type. Excellent coat. She still has her figure. Well angulated front with good depth to chest and brisket. Would like more leg length for complete balance. Moved soundly with grace and style.

2. CH Carrickaneena Ruithneach.  Now this 10 year old was a joy. She said NO to everything she was asked, I will not co-operate with my handler and continued to sit down!! I was told she is in one of her "moods". A beautiful old lady so well put together. Great shape, curvy quarters, lovely feet, good straight legs, a balanced head with that look, that said it all. I want to go home. A delightful specimen.


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