Judge's Critique - Mrs. Jenny Dove


I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at their First Independent Specialty Show with the fine entry of 176 dogs with 240 entries thoroughly enjoyed my two days judging, we were also blessed with lovely sunny weather, which always helps to make a show successful. Marvelous to see so many veterans entered, 25 in all.

Veteran Dogs 6-8 Yrs. (Bronze) [5] 1 Absent

1st, Wortman’s CH. Redtops Phantom of the Opera. For me an easy winner in this class, well balanced head with pleasing expression. Excellent type and conformation, correct front and hind movement has good style. Well handled, 7 3/4 years old. Still in great form. Best overall Veteran in show.

2nd, Mazurkiewicz’s CH. Ironweed Deataig. 7½ years, good masculine, balanced head, dark eye, well bodied with good depth of brisket, has coordinated front and hind angulation, so moved soundly and with drive. Not the condition and outline of winner, slightly losing his topline with age

3rd, Flanigan’s Carrickaneena’s Bro’ Tim. 7 years old who has good overall balance and type. I liked his head and expression, but preferred the sounder movement of above.

4th, King’s CH. Ardrhi Niclif Aerie of Eagle. Younger 6½ year old, lovely head and expression dark eye, good shoulder placement and front movement, well bodied. Would like more angulation at rear, which affected his hind movement and drive

Veteran Dogs (8-9 Years) Silver [2] 1 Absent

1st, Daley’s Can. CH. Aotearoa Mangu Mumu. 8½ years, brindle, grand old hound who was well bodied with good depth, masculine throughout with correct ears and set. Would prefer more angle of upper arm but still has good topline, well angulated hindquarters with good tail set and carriage. Difficult to assess movement today as he preferred to do his own thing; just being a stubborn old man! Stood alone in this class

Veteran 6-8 Bitches (Bronze) [9] 4 Absent

1st, Gagne’s CH. Kellcastle Starkeeper Vanilla JC CGC. 7½ years cream of excellent overall quality and type, correct body, well ribbed back and good depth. Feminine head and expression, dark eye, correct ear set and carriage. Won this class with ease. Well handled.

2nd, Sula’s CH. O’Lugh’s Touched By An Angel. 6½ years brindle, heavier style of hound to winner. Not refined but has good presence, style and movememt. Not the topline and outline of the winner, but she has well angulated hind quarters, good tail and set.

3rd, Prawel and DiStefano Kindred’s Brenna of Sherwood. 7½ years old, unfortunately a little stubborn and lazy on the move, but has feminine head and expression, dark eye, lovely ears and set, well bodied. Preferred her head to above, but topline and movement let her down today.

4th, Flanagan and Milner CH. Golden Lass of Nutstown. 6 years red wheaten, well balanced, feminine head, good expression, correct topline. Not the front angulation of winner. Hind angulation adequate, not the drive and presence of above, but a little lazy today.

Veteran Bitches 8-9 Silver [5] 1 Absent - Not an easy class to judge

1st, Roland’s CH. R Noble Anam Cara. Very striking, cream 8½ Years, feminine head and expression, good ears and set. Lovely to see black ears, so rare in the cream these days. Excellent overall type, carrying a little bit too much weight for me. But still had the best overall movement and drive.

2nd ,Flanagan’s CH. Carrickaneena’s Ruithneach. 8 year old brindle, different style of hound to winner. Well balanced head, lovely dark eye, good expression. Preferred her front angulation to the winner, but lacked muscular condition. So stood and moved a little slack on the hind quarters. Good overall type, lovely coat and texture.

3rd, Walker’s CH. Winchsr Padraig’s Cu Derdriu, CGC. 8 year old brindle, smaller, heavier bitch than 2 above. Well balanced head but not so elegant as her classmates. Stood well but a little loose front and rear when moving.

4th, Kinsella’s Balincu’s Maguire of Kellair CGC. 8¾ years, cream, lighter boned than 3 above. Feminine bitch, not my type of head. Lacked overall quality and not happy moving today.

Veteran Bitches 9 and over [3] 1 Absent

1st, Hoffman and Conner’s Blair’s Copper. 9½ years, brindle, well balanced head and excellent overall breed type. Marvelous condition for age, still has great presence, outmoved her classmate, very sound front and rear.

2nd, Hoffman and Conner’s Blair’s Luci Orga Crotac. 10½ years, half sister to above, well balanced throughout, not the front angulation and movement of winner, but has good type and quality. Well handled. Both grand old ladies who are both a credit to their owners. Many thanks for bringing them.

Field Trial Bitch [4] 2 Absent

1st. Flanagan’s DC. Carrickaneena Slan Leat SC. 3 years. Very pretty head and expression, lovely dark eye, excellent front angulation, forechest and depth. Slightly shorter coupled than second. Correct feet, good tail and set. Would like slightly more hind angulation. She moves with great style and presence. Sound throughout.

2nd. Flanagan’s DC. Carrickaneena Sorcha SC. 6 years old. Not the free stylish and driving movement of winner. But she is a taller hound. Would like more angle of shoulder. Good depth. Needs more body weight.

Puppy Dogs 6-9 [5] - Very difficult class to judge, as my immediate first choice to win unfortunately went lame.

1st, Price’s Blackthorn Wizard Gandolf. Just 6 months. Very stylish, masculine pup. Not the same substance and maturity of 2nd but moved adequately for age. Has good coordinating front and hind angulation.

2nd, Mascia, Flanagan and Murphy’s Carrickaneena Duchas Cu Fleadh. Handsome 7 months. Dark brindle, lovely head and dark eye, good expression, best overall breed type and conformation in this class, but unfortunately went lame on front. Sound excellent, hind angulation, well handled. Excellent youngster who I am sure has a great future.

3rd, Price’s Blackthorn Tobold Hornblower. Just 6 months. Well balanced overall. So similar in style to little brother, the winner, but still so immature.

4th, Katzer’s Blackthorn Aragorn Cordarragh. Another brother who is heavier in head than 1 and 3, but well balanced overall with good depth. Another who will improve with maturity.

Puppy Dog 9-12 [4]

1st, Sula’s O’Lugh Blackwater Sullivan. Tall handsome cream, lovely pup, who immediately took my eye. Easy sound mover, who is mature at 10 months and still has so much time on his side. Lovely head and expression, long neck with good front and hind coordination. Good depth, well ribbed back and correct length of loin. I loved his style and presence. Well handled. Typical lovely, laid back, easy temperament. I am sure he has a great future.

2nd, Tweer and Marx’s Arntara Braveheart O Brandywhine. Only 9½ months, but another tall pup who also has a good outline and sound front and rear. Still has to grow into his frame and needs to body up. Very good balance and style. Well handled.

3rd, Forman’s Cudama Sandycove of Ballyhara. 11 months. Heavier style of hound than two above and more mature. Well bodied with good depth and correct topline. Lovely coat and correct texture. I would like slightly more hind angulation as he lacked drive behind today, but has good ring style. Well handled.

4th, Fullwood’s Eirian’s Little Boy Blue. Masculine 9 months. Very immature to three above. Will level on topline when his hind quarters drop. Still a real baby in this class.

12-18 Months Dog [5] 1 Absent

1st, Daley and Freedman’s Aotearoa Emrys Meriadoc. 16 months. Tall cream brindle. Masculine hound. Good overall balance. I like his head and expression, good ears and set. Still a little immature but had the edge on his classmates with his sound, easy movement. Has excellent drive and extension front and rear.

2nd, Hartenstein and Simon’s Rockheart Enigma. 16 months. Heavier style of hound. More mature than winner but for me lacked overall balance. I would like a little more front angulation and less hind angulation. Well ribbed back with good depth of body. Well handled.

3rd, Benjamin and Marx’s Pitlochry’s Ypsilon. Tall handsome, 14 months masculine youngster who has many good qualities. He was less mature than two above and he needs to body up and strengthen on the move. But I liked his overall balance and style and he pressed hard for second place but he was just too immature.

4th, Prokopenko and Gagne’s Kaleel Glenamadda Starkeeper. Smaller black 15½ months, different style to three above. Looked better standing than moving. Totally outmoved by his classmates. A little fond of his tail today. Lovely coat and texture.

Novice Dogs [8] 4 Absent

1st, Littlewood’s Gulliagh Aslan. 19 months dark brindle, very good overall type. Well bodied, shorter coupled than classmates. Moved with style, sound hind and front movement with slightly more front extension than second.

2nd, Daley and Shoreys Aotearoa Emrys Marama Kalua. Mature 2 years cream. Lovely head and expression. Well constructed throughout. More mature than winner but just was outmoved by Aslan. Well handled.

3rd, Butler and Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Minstrel Boy O’BK. Heavier style of hound, cream brindle just 2 years. A little less coordination when moving and a little proud of tail today. Will settle with maturity.

4th, Katzer’s Fleetwind Wystan O’Cordarragh. 2 years wheaten. A little too heavy in head and round in eye for me. Well bodied but unsound front and rear. Not my type.

Bred By Exhibitor’s [8] 2 Absent

1st, Paloma’s Erinwood Rainier. Very handsome, stylish silver wheaten. Lovely head and expression. Liked his overall conformation and easy sound movement front and rear. Easy winner in this class and in the challenge for Winner’s Dog. Beaten for Best of Winners by the bitch, was who just more mature.

2nd, Wortman’s Redtops Celtic Spirit. More mature 3 years dark brindle. Well balanced overall with good head and expression. Very sound front and rear, lovely outline. A little lazy today. Not the elegance of winner.

3rd,Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Bard of Armagh. Well balanced head with good expression. Slightly different style of hound to two above. Very nice overall construction. Lighter on his feet, just outmoved today.

4th, Daley’s Can. CH. Aotearoa Manuka 2nd . Tall 3½ years brindle, well bodied with good depth, level topline. Liked his head and expression. Good hind angulation but I would like more front angulation and front extension when moving.

American Bred [9] 2 Absent

1st, Hartenstein and Simon’s Rockheart Anthem. Nearly 3 years brindle. Excellent overall type and well balanced conformation. Moved soundly front and rear. Would like less ring in tail but it is well set and has good carriage. Well handled. Very nice hound.

2nd, Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Templebreedy. At first my winner as he came into the ring but he did not make the best of himself on the move. Very nicely made hound who has good overall balance. Well bodied with good depth and length. Side movement excellent.

3rd, Hartney’s Carrickaneena McGarry. Light brindle, would like more front and hind angulation but he is balanced overall. Sound mover but not my style of hound.

4th, Flynn’s Moloney’s Benjamin. Shorter coupled hound, not dissimilar in style and color to third but not so sound moving. Topline could be better.

Open Dogs [11] 3 Absent - a good quality class

1st, Marx’s Pitlochry’s Quintus. 22 months. Tall handsome youngster who has a lot of style and presence. Although still immature, he is well bodied, good depth and length. Good outline and topline. Stands well and really covers the ground when moving. Still needs to fill in and mature. So I am sure his owners will have a lot of fun with him. Reserve Winner’s Dog.

2nd, Milner, Jimenez and Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Ardri JC. 20 months cream. Another very promising youngster with a lot of style and presence. Nice overall construction. Excellent front and hind movement. I liked him a lot. Just slightly preferred the head and expression of Winner.

3rd, Daley and Shoring’s Aotearoa Kia Ora. Very handsome, light gray brindle who at first glance was my winner but not happy in the ring and spoilt his chances when moving. Sound throughout, in excellent condition. Well handled considering his mood.

4th, Walker and Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Paddy Clancy. Tall 3 years, cream brindle. Not disgraced in this class of quality hounds. Has good overall balance, masculine throughout. Still a little immature. Sound front and rear.

Puppies 6-9 Month Bitches [8] 2 Absent

1st, Forman’s Rosslare’s Jane Of Ballyhara. Very pretty 6 months. Looked lovely standing. With good head length and sound easy mover. Excellent front and hind extension. More mature than classmates. Well handled.

2nd, Smith’s Blackthorn Varda Star Queen.
3rd, Smith’s Blackthorn Evenstar Of Arwen.
These two littermates are so similar that their critiques are almost identical. Two very pretty cream brindles. Very immature but only just six months. Lovely heads with dark eyes and excellent expressions. Nicely constructed throughout. With good coordinating front and hind angulation. Both pups were just outmoved by the winner.

4th, Daley and Freedman’s Aotearoa Emrys Mango. 8 month old, red brindle. More mature than the two above. Sound pup who is well bodied but I just preferred the heads of three above. Well handled.

Puppy 9-12 Months Bitches [7] 3 Absent

1st, Prokopenko and Gagne’s Glenamadda Starkeeper U R Zada. Gorgeous 11 month red brindle. Top quality pup who I could quite easily have taken home. I loved everything about her and was pleased to award her Best Puppy in Show.

2nd, Dormady’s O’Lugh’s Literary Genius. 10 months, cream brindle. Litter sister to my best puppy dog. Similar style of hound to brother. Good overall balance. Needs to settle on front but with maturity, should finish well. Well handled.

3rd, Forman’s Cudama Santa Of Ballyhara. Taller pup than two above. 11 months not as mature as winner and not the front angulation but moved adequately. Still very raw but another who just needs maturity. Looked good moving from the side. Well handled.

4th, Johnson’s Gladstone’s Come Fly With Me. At 9 months, looked a real baby in this competition. Lacked femininity for me and rather too tall and needs to body up. Moving a little too close at present. Lovely dark eye.

Junior 12-18 Month Bitches [6]

1st, Michalski and Paloma’s Erinwood Wall Street. 17 months cream, litter sister to Winner’s Dog. Excellent overall type. Pretty head, dark eye, excellent ears and set. Not moving at her best today. Sound but lazy. Won the class on type.

2nd, Owen’s Erinwood Solo Right Out Loud. Feminine well balanced head, dark eye, good expression. Nicely made throughout. Not the front or hind angulation of third, but happier and a little sounder on the move today. Preferred her head and expression to number three. 17 months brindle.

3rd, Hartenstein and Simon’s Rockheart Eclipse. Dark brindle, only 13 months but very mature and nice to go over. Good overall breed type but looked better standing than moving. Did not make the best of herself when moving. Dark eye but I would prefer a more elegant head and softer expression.

4th, Lee’s Aotearoa Suro Mango Keely. Very attractive 14 months. Shorter coupled than above in grand condition. Well angulated hind quarters. Front angulation not as good as above. Well bodied with good depth. Well handled.

Novice Bitches [10] 2 Absent

1st, Peltier and Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Ean Ceoil. 19 months dark brindle, pretty feminine head. Good length of neck with lovely overall balance. Easily the soundest in the class. Just wish she would put her head up. It would just finish her nicely when moving. Promising youngster.

2nd, English and Flanagan’s Carrickaneena’s Mise Eire JC. Almost 2 years, cream brindle. Lovely dark eye and pleasing expression. Nicely made bitch who took my eye as she entered the ring but not the easy flowing movement of Winner. Another who preferred to be outside the ring rather than making the best of herself.

3rd, Flanagan’s Carrickanneena Gaeltacht. Litter sister to above, red brindle who moved adequately but not style of above. Nicely constructed.

4th, Hartenstein and Simon’s Rockheart Defiance. 21 months not the pleasing head and expression of three above but has good overall balance. Would prefer less ring in tail which she carried a little high today. Front movement not as good as classmates.

Bred By Exhibitor Bitches [15] 2 Absent

1st, Curtin, Michalski and Paloma’s Erinwood Route Sixty Six. Another litter sister to Winner’s Dog. 17 months super head and expression. Another with excellent overall balance. Moved soundest and with drive in this class. Would prefer straighter tail when moving, but breeders must be happy with these three littermates who have all won classes against quality hounds.

2nd, Myer's Kellykerry Reanna of Eagle. More mature 3 years, dark gray who oozes quality and type. At first I thought my Winner but just outmoved by youngster today. Excellent handling.

3rd, Roland’s R Noble Alainn Nora. 4 years, gray brindle. Not the head and expression of two above. Well bodied with good depth and length. Moved soundly but topline could be better.

4th, Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Ardla. 20 months, red brindle. Different style of hound to three above. Nicely made and moves with great style and drive. Needs to mature not disgraced in this competition.

Another nice class with some fine hounds.

American Bred Bitches [9] 1 Absent

1st, Myer’s Kellykerry Megan of Eagle. Gorgeous 2 years, gray brindle. Lovely head and expression. Long neck into well angulated shoulders with lovely feet. Well bodied, good depth, well ribbed back with correct fallaway and hind angulation. Sound front and rear, excellent drive. Has lovely overall type and presence. Please to award her Winners Bitch and Best of Winners. Well deserved and will still mature more into a super adult.

2nd, Gagne’s Gabriels Starkeeper Jayde. Less mature 2 years, cream brindle. Very pretty bitch who is well constructed with excellent sound movement. Unlucky to meet winner today. Well handled.

3rd, Whitney and Thomasson’s Fleetwind Spicemates Calli. Well balanced, red. Another who needs to mature but has lovely conformation and movement. Slightly more racier style than two above and not as feminine in head but very nice youngster.

4th, Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Eire. Mature 3 years, black. Rather outmoved by three above. Level topline but not quite the angulation I would like to see. Not really my type.

Open Bitches [16] 4 Absent

1st, Gorman’s Faith’s Fortune Fionnmae. Very sound, nearly 2 years old, cream brindle. Lovely head and expression with excellent overall balance. Mature bitch who won this class on type and style. Reserve Winner’s Bitch.

2nd, Michalski and Curtin’s Erinwood Solo High Fidelity. At 17 months, was rather immature in this big class but her lovely, easy, sound, driving movement won her this place. Feminine throughout. Lovely head and expression, dark eye. Well made front and rear. Very promising youngster.

3rd, Ewing and Houston McDonalds Grealla of Eagle. Gorgeous 4 year, dark gray. Excellent hound who is just my style. Lovely overall balance and conformation and in top condition. Today she let herself down when moving but when she settles, I am sure she will win with ease. A little erratic but she still has great drive, front and hind extension and presence. Well handled.

4th, Gagne and Prokopenko’s Kellamore Starkeeper Majora CGC. Well handled, gray brindle, 5 years. With a lovely head and a lovely expression. Dark eye, has good type. Hind movement could be better. Outmoved by three above.

Best of Breed [26] 7 Absent

Was a great class with many top quality hounds and a pleasure to judge. I would like to thank the exhibitor’s for the lovely entry and the nice atmosphere of the whole show. A very nice two days and weather shone down on us, thank goodness.

I was pleased to award to Malone and Smith’s CH. Taliesin’s Llenlleawg CGC. Handsome 5 years, mature hound, who is in his prime. I was immediately impressed by his presence and stylish movement as he entered the ring. In excellent condition, and handled to perfection, he won amongst top competition. A lovely dog, who would win anywhere in the world, I am sure.

Best of Opposite Sex

Ryan, Osborne and Andrew’s Am\Can. CH. Wolfhaven Rock and Roll to Curiann. Striking top quality bitch who oozed quality, excellent type and overall balance. Who moves soundly and with drive. A bitch who makes you smile when she moves.

Best of Winners

Was Myers Kellykerry Megan of Eagle, who still looked a baby in this final competition. She was also awarded Award of Merit as was: Paloma’s Erinwood Rainier (Winner’s Dog) and also Ryan’s Am\Can. CH. Curianns Celtic Rune. 3 years, red brindle, who I particularly liked and for me was third Best of Breed. Looked lovely standing and moves with style, soundly front and rear, still a little immature compared to BOB winner But is a very impressive hound.

Two other Award of Merits:  Prokopenko’s CH. Starkeeper Glenamadda Realtan. Very houndy bitch, who is slighter build than bitch above. Feminine throughout, pretty head and expression, lovely outline and conformation. Covers the ground soundly and with drive. Interesting to see that she is mother to my Best Puppy in Show Winner and litter sister to above. Well handled.

Award of Merit also awarded to Roland’s CH R Noble Aron. Upstanding gray, who is well constructed and moves soundly and with style. Mature at 4 years. Well presented and handled.

Stud Dogs [4]

1st, Flanagan’s CH. Carrickaneena Tigernach

2nd, Daley’s Can. CH. Aotearoa Manuka 2nd

3rd, Smith’s Blackthorn Setanta Cuchulain

4th, English and Flanagan’s CH. Carrickaneena Dearg Mac Logan

Brood Bitch [2] 1 Absent

1st, Flanagan’s and Milner’s CH. Golden Lass of Nutstown

Brace [3]

1st Ryan’s well-matched pair Am. Can. CH. Curianns Celtic Rune and Am. Can. CH. Wolfhaven RocknRoll to Curiann

2nd, Prokopenko and Gagne’s Kellamore Starkeeper Majora CGC and CH. Starkeeper Glenamadda Realtan

3rd, Butler and Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Sligo and Carrickaneena Minstrel Boy O’BK


What a brave lady!  Excellent quality foursome who all managed to move together marvelously without pulling their handler flat on her face. Amazing!!  Gagne’s Laislinn Starkeeper Rayne and Gabriels Starkeeper Jayde and Prokopenko’s and Gagne’s Kellamore Starkeeper Majora CGC. And CH. Starkeeper Glenamadda Realtan.

Jenny Dove (Judge)

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