Judge's Critique - Veteran Classes

Veteran classes at the Garden State Specialty

 Judge’s report by Mrs. Dagmar Kenis Pordham

     "The veteran classes were judged first in the morning, but as the hounds had already been competing in the Sweepstakes beforehand, some were already a bit tired. It was still relatively cool for them. It was really wonderful to see so many well loved veterans!

     "I have chosen only to write about the winner of each class for I believe that with these very special hounds only compliments should be noted."


Veteran 6 years & under 8 years, dogs (7 entered, one absent)

1. Littlewood’s Ch. Rosslare’s Sandor.  Six and a half year old brindle dog of quality,  handsome and masculine. Lovely head with wise expression. Well balanced in quarters, good topline still. Moves easily still.  I was glad to have the opportunity to finally judge this fine dog.

2. Neu & Wortman’s Ch. Redtops Sovereign.

3. Genovese’s Ch. Niobrara Just Plain Tully.

4. Daley’s Aotearoa Mangu MuMu.


Veteran 8 years and under 10 years, dogs (2 entered, one absent)

1. Flanagan’s Ch. Carrickaneena Logan O’Cu. Nine year old brindle dog, still presenting a very handsome outline, walked soundly. Will have been most handsome in his prime.

Veteran 10 years and over, dogs (1 entered)

1. Menth’s Ch. Singing Swords Majerle PJ.  Very handsome ten and a quarters year old wheaten dog, who certainly looks younger than his years. Lovely head and expression, very sound in body and quarters still. A real credit to his caring owners.


Veteran 6 years & under 8 years, bitches (8 entered, one absent)

1. Smith’s Ch. Taliesin Lasair of Eagle. I was most impressed by this lovely grey bitch, handled so considerately by a young girl. Of wonderful  type, she has a most beautiful head and expression, very well balanced fore and rear quarters. She is coming up to eight years of age and looks wonderful for her age. I note that a son of hers won one of the  Awards of Merit later in the day,

2. Gagne’s Ch. Kellcastle Starkeeper Vanilla JC.

3. Walker’s Ch. Winchsr Padraig’s Cu Derdriu.

4. Flanagan’s Ch. Carrickaneena Ruithneach.


Veteran 10 years and over, bitches (3 entered, one absent)

1. DiStefano’s Kindred Angeline O’Rosslare. Very fit and soundmoving ten and a half year old bitch, with rather a lighter frame but very well constructed. I know from personal experience that these less substantial bitches will live much longer than their taller and more substantial “sisters”; which gives us breeders something to think about. A real credit to her owner.

2. Flanagan’s DC Sheelagh of Nutstown MC, FCH.



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