Judge's Critique - Regular Classes

First Specialty of the
Irish Wolfhound Association of the Garden State,
held in conjunction with the Somerset Hills Kennel Club, September 4, 2004


Judge’s report by Mrs. Dagmar Kenis Pordham

      "I would first like to thank the officers and the Committee of the Irish Wolfhound Association of the Garden State for inviting me to come to judge your first own Specialty. I really enjoyed judging your hounds and also meeting so many serious fanciers and lovers of our breed. Thank you for taking such good care of me, especially after the show when I was overtaken by the heat; I am simply not used to 90 degree and sunshine for a whole day of judging, I possibly should have worn a hat but I have in the past seen Wolfhounds react against judges in hats! 

     "When I had pulled out my final dogs from the Best of Breed competition I found that, for me, the young Winners Bitch, Gagne’s Starkeeper Glenamadda Realtan, stood out and simply had to go on to win Best of Breed. She is a lovely example of the breed, “ a rough-coated Greyhoundlike “ bitch, “strong though gracefully built”. And certainly, while going around the ring in the final challenge, she excelled here, with her long easy striding action. 

     "Best of Opposite Sex was won by Kaluza’s Ch. Sidhe Dragonsbane, a most handsome and very well balanced Wheaten dog, coming up to five years of age.  He is a dog in the middle size range, has a wonderful outline, all curves as befits a running hound. Lovely head, with that wonderful expression that the mature dogs have, good ears.  A good strong neck, smoothly set into withers, lovely rise over the loin to a gently sloping croup, nicely angulated hindquarters. Deep capacious body for heartroom, excellent bone for size. Moved well in the heat of the afternoon,  for by this time it must have approached 90 degrees."

Puppy, 6 to 9 months Dogs ( 4 entered)

1. Littlewood’s Gulliagh Aslan. Seven-month-old dark grey brindle baby; obviously his first outing and so wondering what the show ring was all about. Confident enough in character, which showed on the move; standing still and being stood rather a new experience. Lovely head with flat folded ears, reasonable in front for this awkward age, I like to see a well defined topline at this age, which he certainly has, well angulated hindquarters but still tending to stand over himself. Very free and extended side action. Won his class on his lovely type; I consider him a very promising puppy!

2. Dormady’s O’Lugh Cabernet Sauvignon. More finished puppy, just starting to grow his coat, a rich red brindle. Well grown for his age, excellent substance. Looks rather longer in body today, topline needing to firm up and his very happy character results in a very high tail carriage on the move. This will settle in time, no doubt. Lovely head. Well angulated strong hind quarters. Super free side action showing wonderful reach and drive.

3. Milner & Jimenez & Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Ardri. Black masked wheaten dog puppy with a very nice head a well folded ears, a well balanced dog with nicely angulated front and rear quarters; moved very nicely as seen from all angles.

4. Habel & Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Aidan. Red wheaten dog puppy very much at an in-between stage. Nice head, darker eyes would improve expression. Today rather upright over the forequarters, a stage of development I feel, excellent topline and nicely angulated hindquarters. Not a very smooth mover today; but I think he will finish up a very nice Wolfhound once he is settled in development.

Puppy 9 to 12 months Dogs (9 entered, one absent)

1. Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Bard of Armagh. Best dog puppy. This grey brindle dog is of very good type and he has a very nice outline. Very nice head with very well folded ears, nice front for his age very good over the loin, nicely angulated strong hindquarters. Lovely  free side action, extending well out in front.

2. Walker & Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Setanta O’BK.  Clear red wheaten dog, coat starting to come in and of harsh texture. Very nice masculine head,  well folded ears. Lovely eye and expression, showing a loving and steady character. Strong and well muscled over the forequarters, but rather upright in upper arm and in pasterns. Very good over the topline, croup and hindquarters. Very good movement.

3. Marx & Benjamin’s  Viceconsul of Aerie. Red wheaten dog, strongly built, a promising young dog. Nice head, nice forehand and hindquarters. Nice mover but could be more smooth in front action. Rather high tailset.

4. Butler & Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Minstrel Boy O’BK Tall and substantial grey brindle dog. Rather masculine in head, good ears. Good front but rather upright over the upper arm, but still has a good forechest. Good over the topline, croup rather more steep and hindquarters of medium angulation. Tail rather ringed.

12 to 18 months dogs (9 entered, one absent)

1. DiStefano & Littlewood’s Rosslare’s Coleraine Fenian K.  I really like this substantial 14 months old dog, scoring on his lovely freedom of action. Clear grey brindle with a lovely overall outline, good length while retaining a good length of leg. He is a well-balanced dog with nice angulation of forequarters and hindquarters. Nice head, well folded ears. Excellent  over the topline and croup. Most promising young dog.

2. Grasso’s KellyKerry Grungeon of Eagle. Somewhat difficult to assess this dog, as he is handled by a newcomer, but I was very impressed by his outline and type. Lovely head, beautiful ears and beautiful dark eyes. Rather an ungainly dog at this stage, with his size and substance.  Needs to settle in front.

3. Payne & King’s Ardrhis Allthebest of Eagle. Very well finished young dog, scoring on his free side action where he really reaches out. Nice long but rather narrow head, flat folded ears. Reasonable front, but rather upright over the upper arm, at present rather over done over the topline, which will no doubt settle with age and maturity.

4. Gagne’s Karontara Starkeeper Fantom. Wheaten dog of nice type; well finished in body and with no exaggerations anywhere, and presented in strong muscular condition. Nice head, good ears, nice enough front but upper arm needs to be set back more. Good topline, nicely angulated hindquarters. Rather more steep in croup.

Novice dog ( 3 entered)

1. Littlewood’s Wolf Tone Merlyn. Very tall and substantial grey brindle dog of 24 months; a dog of great substance still needing to fine down somewhat. Has a most beautiful male head with beautifully placed and shaped dark eyes, lovely well folded ears, nice enough over the front but rather upright upper arm, good topline, and wide hindquarters of medium angulation. Moved very easily and well for such a strongly made dog.

2. Heyboer and Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Daniel O’Connell. Red wheaten dog, 22 months of age. Lovely type overall, a dog of no exaggerations. Beautiful head with a lovely expression from lovely dark eyes. Medium angulation of forequarters and hindquarters. Moved well enough, as seen from the side, but is very weak and cow hocked behind; both standing and on the move. A very nice and typical dog on the whole.

3. Huff & Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Kevin Barry. Black dog of 22 months, litter brother to above, but still looks very young, almost like a puppy. Long elegant head, good ears, rather upright over forehand, and open over the upper arm and elbows so needing to fill in here. Very good topline, rather steep in croup, hindquarters of medium angulation.

Bred By Exhibitor dog  (7 entered, two absent)

1. Simmons’ Lonnkyle Normandie.  Three year old dark brindle dog of lovely type and with lovely substance. Strong masculine head to match his body,  good ears. Powerful neck, excellent layback of shoulder and nicely set back upper arm, placing his elbows well under his withers. Stands rather wide over his front occasionally and I would like to see his feet more arched. Good topline, good over the loin, excellent croup and wide well muscled hindquarters. Moved strongly and soundly with no exaggeration. Could lose some weight, I feel.

2. Bregy’s Wildisle Emerald Isle Maxim. A younger dog, nearing two years of age; wonderfully fit and active. Golden brindle presented in harsh workmanlike coat, nice head, rather more round in eye shape, nice well-folded ears. Still needs to develop over the front, very good shoulder layback but upper arm needs to settle back yet. Nicely boned legs, feet very well arched. Topline, to my mind, needs to be built up, I like to see a bit of an arch over the loin. Lovely wide, properly sloping croup, well angulated hindquarters. Really moves with verve and strength. Most impressive young dog that will be even better with maturity.

3. Flanagan & Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Templebreedy. Three year old black dog of no exaggerations, rather elegant, but this could simply be his colour. Nice head, rather round in eye, very well folded ears.  Nice front rather forward set, enough bone for size. Good in topline and hindquarters. True and sound mover.

4. Cracciola’s Do’Chas Liam O’Cu. Sixteen-month-old grey brindle, so very much a teenager still. Nice head, rather flat ears. Very upright in shoulder and forequarters. At present overdone in topline; nice hindquarters. Very free and easy mover.

American bred dogs (5 entered)

1. Lydon & Kinsella’s Ballincu Kellair Lancelot. Fully mature, four year old wheaten dog of very nice type.  Very nice head, flat folded ears and would like to see him more tight in lips. Good over the front, nice bone for size. Good hindquarters. Well-bodied and presented in wonderful harsh coat. Nice easy mover.

2. Kneavel’s Castlekeeper Connor Craley. Two-year-old grey brindle dog of very nice type, still needing to mature to be at his best. Nice head, flat folded ears, reasonable front, nice hindquarters but croup rather steep. Nice mover.

3. Camel, Neff & Littlewood’s Rosslare’s Naomhan O’Beltane. Wheaten dog, nearing two years of age, and so needing to mature still. Nice head with lovely expression from dark eyes and well folded ears. Rather forward set shoulder, and front needing to settle yet. Reasonable bone for size. Topline needs to strengthen, as he dips behind the withers. Nicely angulated hindquarters. Moved easily and freely, cheerfully wagging his tail, so nice to see!

4. Martin & Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Tommy Clancy. A very young looking dog of nearly two years; nicely boned, but lacking in substance overall. Very upright over the forequarters and hindquarters. Rather overdone in topline. Has a sweet head, with nice expression. Moved quite well.

Open dogs (10 entered, one absent)

1. Roland’s R Noble Aron. Three year old grey brindle dog, tall and substantial and with a look of quality.  Very nice masculine head, well placed eyes, which could be darker, well folded ears. A Strong neck, carried rather upright, reasonably angulated forequarters, would like to see more definition and strength over topline and loin. Hindquarters of medium angulation. Moved reasonably well. Overall a very impressive stallion hound.

2. Lydon and Kinsella’s Ballincu Kellair Rowan. Two-year-old red brindle, a quality young dog still needing to mature to reach his best. Very nice head, dark eyes, rather upright over the front as yet, very good bone and feet. Excellent topline and nicely angulated hindquarters. Moved very freely and well. Very promising young dog.

3. Emerson & St. Clair’s  Kellykerry Rinn of Eagle. Big substantial black dog nearing three years of age and well matured. Strong masculine head, lovely calm expression in his lovely eyes. large well-folded ears. Rather upright over the front, excels in his body proportions, his topline, croup and wide hindquarters of medium angulation. Good mover.

4. Walker & Flanagan’s Carrickaneena  Paddy Clancy. Shaded wheaten dog, nearing two years of age and still very young looking. Scores on his wonderful free active movement. Very nice head, rather large but very well folded ears. Still rather upright over the forequarters,  which should improve with maturity. Very good topline, lovely wide well muscled hindquarters. Wonderful mover. Certainly a hound for the future.

Winners Dog:  Simmons’ Lonnkyle Normandie

 Reserve Winners Dog: Bregy’s Wildisle Emerald Isle Maxim


Puppy 6 to 9 bitches (4 entered)

1. Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Ardla. Seven-month-old golden brindle baby, such a lovely shape already. Very nice head, good ears. Good front and topline for her age, well-angulated rear quarters which need to strengthen. Very nice side action. A very typical and feminine puppy.

2. Daley’s Aotearoa’s Kui’s Kotiro. Grey brindle baby of nearly nine months, lovely head, high set well folded ears, reasonable front for her age, rather overdone in topline at present, nicely angulated hindquarters, which could show more width.

3. Fitzgerald & Gagne’s Starkeeper Cearah of Fitzwick. Seven-month-old baby, wheaten brindle. Very much at a growing stage at the moment. Sweet head, good ears, rather thin neck at present, also upright over the front, topline rather overdone. Moved ok.

4.Kutschinski & Mcdonald’s Claridon Alannah of Eagle. Rather bigger puppy, so at the same time rather ungainly, typical for her age. Dark grey brindle, very substantial in body already. Nice head well folded ears, reasonable front but very upright over the upper arm and pasterns Very prominent bursars and thickness over the elbows, which hamper her movement. Good topline, nice wide hindquarters. Moved very much like a baby.

Puppy 9 to 12, bitches (8 entered, two absent)

1. Genovese’s Skyes Stoneybrook Rue. Lovely wheaten puppy of nearly twelve months; Very well finished for her age, with a nice feminine head and lovely dark eyes. One of those rare dogs that simply stand themselves, not needing to be stacked. Good front for her age, enough bone for her size and outline, I would like to see her strengthen somewhat in topline , nicely angulated rear quarters, and strong here. Free and happy mover. Won Best Puppy overall on her lovely old-fashioned type and her free action.

2. Marx & Benjamin’s Viceroy of Aerie. Wheaten bitch, rather taller than winner and at present less “together”. Nice head, flat folded ears, rather upright neck set and upright over the front, a growth stage I feel. Excellent topline and nicely angulated hindquarters.

3. Gorman’s Faith’s Fortune Fionnmae. Tall substantial grey brindle less together today. Nice head, good ears, rather upright over the front, but with some forechest. Nice over the topline and rear quarters.

4. Gagne’s Gabriel’s Starkeeper Jayde. A promising puppy, but today very gangly. Sweet head, flat folded ears, very forward set shoulder and front at this time, very good bone for her size. Rather flat over the topline, nice and long hindquarters. Moved well.

12 to 18 month bitches (7 entered, 2 absent)

1. Myer’s Kellykerry Megan of Eagle. Lovely bitch of 16 months, beautiful head and expression, good neck well set into a very nice front, well angulated and with correct forechest. Could show more definition over the topline. Nicely angulated hindquarters.  Not the tallest of bitches, but very much in keeping with herself and excellent bone for size. Moved very freely and well.

2. King’s Ard Rhi’s Cleopatchra of Eagle. Substantial young bitch, who moved very well as seen from the side and is of very nice type and outline. Nice head and expression, well folded ears. Good neck, rather forward set front, very good topline, nice croup and hindquarters. Very free mover.

3. Kretzmer’s Donegal’s Sister Golden Hair. Tall wheaten brindle bitch, at 13 months young for this class, and not quite settled. Promising bitch, very good length leg and very good bone for size. Nice head, fairly upright over the front, excellent topline, croup and hindquarters. Free mover.

4.B arclay & Monck’s Aotearoa Emrys Kauryann. Sweet grey brindle baby, just over 12 months, with a lovely head and expression. Reasonable front for her age, good topline, possibly a little overdone over the loin, hindquarters nicely angulated.

Novice bitches (13 entered, two absent)

1. LeVan & Simon’s Stoneybrook Marquessa. Two-year-old  light grey brindle bitch of very good type and outline. Nice head, excellent ears and altogether a very nice expression. Nice neck well set into a good front; good bone for size despite a lack of  leg hair; lovely capacious chest, while maintaining good length of leg. Excellent flow over the topline, croup and hindquarters. Smooth easy mover.

2. Simmons’ Lonnkyle Order. Another lovely and feminine grey brindle, not tall but of lovely type. Very nice feminine head with keen expression, very good ears, nice enough over the front, excellent topline nice wide hindquarters. Both these bitches moved really freely and powerfully. More coat would complete the picture.

3. Flanagan’s Carrickaneena  Roisin Clancy. Tall grey brindle bitch that still looks young at nearing two years of age. Very nice head, beautifully folded ears, rather upright over the front today, but I think this front will settle back nicely with maturity.

4. Kearns’ Aotearoa Lily de Luna. Five year old with a nice outline, very nice head, flat folded ears. Quite a good shoulder layback, but stands wide over the upper arm and elbow  Deep chest accentuated by leaving straggly hair under the chest, rather giving her a low-on-the-leg look. Reasonable topline, lovely wide hindquarters. Moves with a lovely long stride.

Bred by Exhibitor bitches (12 entered)

1. Prokopenko & Gagne’s Starkeeper Glenamadda Realtan.  25-month-old light brindle bitch of wonderful type and outline. Lovely head of excellent proportions, lovely expression from well placed and shaped eyes, nicely folded ears. Lovely neck, just strong enough,  smoothly set into very good shoulders. Nice forechest and upper arm/elbows nicely set back. Excellent bone for her size, good feet. Lovely flow over the topline, croup and hindquarters. Moved with great freedom and power.

2. Roland’s R Noble Alainn Nora. Nearly three-year-old grey bitch of lovely type and very well matured. Nice head, rather shorter than winners, but with nice expression from her folded ears. Very good neck and shoulders, rather wider in front, very good depth of body. Very good topline and nice wide well muscled rear quarters. Another lovely mover.

3. Dormady’s O’Lugh’s Parting of the Sea. Golden brindle bitch of 25 months, coat short but of excellent texture. Nice head, well folded ears, nice forequarters, very good bone and feet. Excellent croup and wide hindquarters. Another free powerful mover.

4. Monahan’s Shanachie’s Navigator. Lovely feminine bitch, with a very nice outline. Sweet head, well folded ears. Good front, good bone for size, could show more definition over the loin very nice croup and nicely angulated hindquarters.

American bred bitches (14 entered, five absent)

1. Gagne’s Kellamore Starkeeper Majora. Nicely mature grey brindle bitch, nearly four years old, with an old fashioned look about her, and I mean that as a compliment.  Beautiful head, lovely expression from dark eyes, well folded ears. Very nice flow over the neck, withers, back, loin and croup to her nicely angulated hindquarters. Nicely constructed front, deep capacious body. Moved very well, freely and with great drive, as seen from the side, rather narrow going away.

2. Myer’s R Noble Alana of Kelly Kerry. Grey brindle bitch of lovely type, and powerfully built, who was close up to the winner. Lovely head, very good ears, a darker eye would improve expression. Nice neck, smoothly set into a good front, although the upper arm a bit upright. Deep capacious body, very good topline, croup and hindquarters. Moved with power and freedom, although not quite the extension in front of the winner.

3. Kinsella & Myles’ Ballincu Kellair Ashleigh. Another very nice and typey bitch, rather more feminine. Delightful feminine head, proper ears, rather more forward set front, but with well set back upper arm, not the bone of those above, but proper for her size and type. Could show more definition over the loin, nice croup and hindquarters of medium angulation. Nice mover.

4. Reese’s Deora’s Ina of Rosslare.  This is a very nice bitch, of old fashioned type, whose handler could show her to greater advantage. Long feminine head, rather round in eye, properly folded ears. Good front with well laid back shoulders and a proper forechest.  Nice body, topline and nicely angulated hindquarters. A bitch that should never be overlooked.

Open bitches ( 14 entered, two absent)

1. Ryan’s Curiann’s Realta Rigel. Two-year-old bitch of very nice type and outline; I was happy to note from the catalogue that she is a litter sister to the winner of Bred by Exhibitor bitch. This pale grey brindle bitch has that slightly longer body length, with the length coming from a deep brisket with ribs carried well back which I think of it as the brood bitch look. Very nice feminine head,  nicely angulated, but rather narrow front, good bone and feet. Nice deep body, good flow over the topline, nicely angulated hindquarters. Moved easily and freely and with a true action.

2. Flynn’s Oaklyn’s St. Geileis of Erin. Red wheaten bitch with a most attractive head and expression, lovely well folded ears, good neck and reasonable front, very upright over the pastern, nicely angulated hindquarters. Moved well enough, but could show more extension in front action.

3. Prokopenko’s Calorien Glanmadda Arabella.  Tall grey brindle of lovely type. Long feminine head, rather round in eye, flat folded ears. Reasonable front, good bone for size, good firm topline, nice croup and nicely angulated hindquarters.

4. Higgins’ U’Huigins Whyzzup of Eagle. Very nice grey brindle bitch that did not move quite as well as her construction dictates. Nice head, rather round eyes, well folded ears, rather upright over the front quarters, very good bone for size. Excellent topline and nicely angulated hindquarters.

Winners bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Breed: 
Prokopenko and Gagne’s Starkeeper Glenamadda Realtan

Reserve Winners Bitch:  Roland’s R Noble Alainn Nora

Best Puppy:  Genovese’s Skyes Stoneybrook Rue

Best Veteran Dog:  Littlewood’s Rosslare’s Sandor

Best Veteran Bitch: Smith’s Ch. Taliesin Lasair of Eagle

Award of Merit:  Malone/Smith’s Ch. Taliesin’s Llenlleawg,  Bregy’s 
Ch. Wildisle Firebird
,  Simmons' Lonnkyle Normandie, Smith’s Ch. Taliesin’s Luas

Stud Dog

1. Genovese’s Ch. Niobrara Just Plain Tully
2. Flanagan’s Ch. Carrickaneena Tigernach
3. English/Flanagan’s Ch. Carrickaneena Dearg Mac Logan

Brood Bitch

1. Roland’s Ch R Noble Anam Cara
2. Milner/Flanagan  Ch. Golden Lass of Nutstown
3. Flanagan’s  Ch. Carrickaneena Ruithneach

Field Trial Bitch

1. Kutschinski/Flanagan’s DC Carrickaneena Slainte, SC
2. Flanagan’s DC Carrickaneena Sorcha, SC
3. Flanagan’s DC Carrickaneena Dromara, LCX, MC, FCH



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